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The Benefits of Becoming a Vet Assistant in Delaware

The veterinary care sector in Delaware is currently experiencing sustained and robust growth due to the continuing demand for qualified veterinary care facilities and professionals. For that reason, becoming a vet assistant can be a wise career choice for those individuals seeking to become a veterinary care professional.

The Veterinary Assistant and Employment Trends

girlcomputer1Currently, the field of veterinary medicine is showing excellent employment opportunities for prospective employees of all skill levels. This is especially true for veterinary assistants, who provide a great deal of the support veterinarians and vet techs depend on.

Currently, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that there are over 71,500 vet assistants currently employed in the United States. The BLS has predicted that between 2010 and 2020, available vet assistant jobs will expand by at least 14 percent. This increased with attrition among already employed vet assistants means that this career path will continue to require new vet assistants for the foreseeable future. As of May 2012, Delaware had nearly 200 full-time vet assistants working in the state.

Becoming a Vet Assistant

Currently, vet assistants are not required to be certificated or licensed by any state or professional agency. Although this enables an individual to seek employment as a vet assistant without any formal education, many employers prefer to hire individuals who have prior training in this field. This is especially true when working for major veterinary clinics, research labs or government agencies.

Vet Assistant Training Programs

There are a number of options for those individuals seeking to obtain training as a vet assistant. Vet assistant training programs are offered by community colleges and a full-time student can complete a vet assistant program in less than a year, depending on his or her schedule and the nature of the program.

Many schools currently offer part-time schedules, which can allow a student who is unable to attend the program on a full-time basis to complete his or her education on a more flexible schedule. This can be especially beneficial for those students who are currently working or have family obligations.

Finally, a growing number of schools offer online and distance learning programs. These programs allow the students to attend school via the Internet, rather than forcing them to be physically present at the school. These programs can be especially beneficial for students who reside in remote areas or suffer from mobility issues that would make physically attending classes inconvenient or impossible.

Upon completing the program, the student will receive a certificate of completion from most schools. Although these programs are usually not directly regulated by the state, most veterinarians will accept these certificates as proof that the student has obtained a high degree of proficiency as a veterinary assistant.

Salary Options for Vet Assistants

Currently, vet assistants in Delaware enjoy an annual mean salary of over $31,000 and Delaware is in fact the second highest paying state for vet assistants in America. Many vet assistants also enjoy excellent benefits from their employers. In fact, this field’s wage and benefit packages are very competitive with most other jobs that require a similar level of education and experience.

Professional Duties and Advancement Opportunities

Veterinary assistants provide a wide range of services in the veterinary clinic or laboratory. These services commonly include the following:

  • Vet assistants clean and monitor animal enclosures at the clinic.
  • The vet assistant is in charge of ensuring that the veterinary equipment is kept sterile and is securely stored.
  • Vet assistants feed and water the animals under their care. This also includes ensuring that all animals are fed according to the diet provided by the veterinarian.
  • Vet assistants help the veterinarian carry out examinations and veterinary procedures in a safe and effective manner.

Vet assistants that have demonstrated a high degree of skill in their field may also be asked to carry out the following duties:

  • Some vet assistants work in the front office, filing reports, making appointments for new customers, answering the phone and taking down any information of importance to the veterinary clinic.
  • Vet assistants that have demonstrated superior management skills may be put in a supervisory position over other employees in the clinic. This is especially common in larger veterinary establishments.

However, there are a number of services that vet assistants cannot perform. In most cases, vet assistants are not allowed to provide direct veterinary care to an animal, except when they are under the direct supervision of a veterinarian or other licensed professional.

All vet assistants must be certain to understand the limitations on what type of care they can provide, as violating those regulations can result in severe legal penalties.

The Benefits of Becoming a Vet Assistant

Many individuals seek to become a veterinary assistant because they are currently interested in working in the animal care field. In addition, unlike veterinary technicians and veterinarians, the training to become a vet assistant is relatively inexpensive. Furthermore, because vet assistants work directly with veterinarians and other animal caregivers, this can be an excellent choice for someone who is interested in a veterinary career, but who desires to obtain practical experience before proceeding any further.

Ultimately, becoming a vet assistant can be an excellent choice for individuals who desire to become veterinary care professionals. With excellent salary options, a high degree of job security and an expanding job market, this field will continue to be a wise professional choice for the foreseeable future.

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