The Benefits of Vet Assistant Online Programs

The modern veterinary care sector has a demand for high quality veterinary care for animals. This demand has led steady need for veterinarians, veterinary technicians, and vet assistants.

Demand is based on national data and is not school-specific information. Conditions in your area may vary. Please refer to the Bureau of Labor Statistics for specific data.

Because of this, there is a wide range of educational options for those individuals who wish to become certified veterinary assistants. In fact, a growing number of schools currently offer online programs for those students who cannot attend school physically.

Vet Assistants and Schooling

veterinary assistantAlthough vet assistants are not required to obtain a license or certification in order to seek employment, a formal course of education can improve the individual’s employment and salary options.

Many veterinary practices prefer to hire individuals who have been already trained, rather than hiring untrained workers who will have to be shown how to perform all of their duties.

Furthermore, a formal education allows the vet assistant to have an official record of their training, which can be easier to document than informal training, such as that received while working at another veterinary clinic.

Most vet assistant programs take anywhere from six months to a year to complete for a full-time student. In general, these programs are offered by community colleges, adult education centers, and vocational training institutions.

Upon successfully completing the course, the vet assistant will receive a certificate of completion, verifying that he or she successfully passed all of the programs courses and examinations.

Currently, there is no national examination for vet assistants, so every certification will be specific to the school the vet assistant graduated from.

Finding an Accredited School

Vet assistant programs are not individually accredited by any national body. However, most schools that offer vet assistant programs may be accredited by national educational associations, or may be accredited to train veterinary technicians by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA).

While this does not directly impact the veterinary assistant program, a school that has been accredited in other areas may be able to offer a higher quality education to those students planning to become veterinary assistants.

Online and Distance Learning Programs

One issue many students face is being unable to physically attend on a traditional schedule.

This can be for many reasons, including the following:

  • A work schedule that makes it impossible to attend classes in person.
  • Having small children or elderly parents to care for.
  • Being located inconveniently far from any school that offers a vet assistant program.
  • Being unable to drive in an area that does not have dependable mass transit options.

In all of these cases, the student may need to find another alternative to attending a program in person.

Because this is an issue that has impacted a growing number of students, many schools now offer online and distance learning options, enabling a student to complete his or her vet assistant program while only having to physically visit the school a few times, if at all.

How Do These Programs Operate?

Online programs make use of the Internet in order to allow the student to obtain a high-quality education without being forced to attend regularly scheduled classes.

Instead, all required lecture and study materials are made available to the student online, including provisions to allow the student to take examinations and submit homework online.

The student is granted a unique student account that he or she can use to access his classes from any Internet connected computer.

Types of Online Materials

Modern online programs include a wide range of educational material. In many cases, videos of the physical class sessions are made available, allowing the student to view the regular classes as a part of his or her education.

In addition, class notes and homework assistance is also a part of most online programs. Finally, because of the speed of online communications, many students receive their graded papers and tests before those students who are attending classes physically.


A great advantage of modern online programs is the ability for the student to interact directly with the instructor and other students. Many schools have provisions for online students to ask questions in real time during a scheduled class session. This allows them to obtain the same instructor input that they would benefit from if they were physically present.

In addition, the existence of online chat and study groups allows the students to interact without having to physically meet. This permits students to work together, even if their varying schedules and home locations might make it impossible for them to otherwise work together.

In fact, many online programs train students from all over the nation or even world, while still providing them with many of the same benefits they would receive if they were sitting next to each other in class.

Schedules and Online Programs

Perhaps the greatest benefit to online educational programs for veterinary assistants is the freedom to schedule the class work in such a way as to fit with the individual’s own schedule.

Many students are currently employed, have children, or are otherwise limited in the time they have to freely study. An online program, unlike traditional classes, allows the student to study at a time and place of his or her choosing.

This not only allows the student to freely schedule class and study time, but also enables the student to pick a time and place that is most conducive to study.

For example, rather than studying over the course of the week in short blocks, a student may find that he or she benefits from a single day of intensive study.

Other students may find that short study periods interspersed with other activities is the most fruitful strategy. In addition, by being able to perform class work at any location that has an active Internet connection, the student can also work when he or she is away from home. Because of this, many students taking online classes study at the park or library, rather than being forced to remain in their home.

Ultimately, online programs free the student from being forced to choose a school because it is physically accessible.

Rather, the student can focus on finding a program that is most appropriate for his or her special needs.

Especially in today’s educational and business environment, online schools may in fact be the best option for many individuals who intend to become vet assistants.

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