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For individuals who want a dynamic career dealing with animals, an education in a veterinary technician program is the perfect start. Students can get started on the careers after only a couple of years of schooling. To become a vet, they would have to spend tens of thousands of dollars on vet school.

Being a vet technician offers an alternative. This career allows individuals to perform the same tasks without having the debt associated with extra years of schooling.

In California, many schools have been set up with veterinary technician programs. Once students have received their degree, they must also receive take California’s board examination to become certified as a veterinary technician.

working as a veterinary technicianThe following schools have all met the high standards of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

  • Consumnes River College

California State Polytechnic University in PomonaSituated in Sacramento, this college offers a vet technician program that has been accredited by the AVMA. Over 14,000 students choose to go to here every year. Consumnes River College provides vet tech students with the education they want at the price they need.

Covering 1,400 acres, the campus at Pomona offers numerous animal health science programs. This school is the second largest in the Los Angeles area. For students interested in horses, the campus also offers the Kellogg Arabian Horse Center. This center has developed a world famous reputation for quality and academic excellence.

Started in 1938, the public school encompasses a total of 19,220 undergraduate students. Students get to learn first-hand about the animal sciences by performing diagnostic test and x-rays. In 2009 through 2010, tuition cost about $3,879 for in-state students. Out-of-state students can expect to pay at least $14,049 for a year of school.

  • Pierce College in Los Angeles

Located at 6201 Winnetka Avenue, this community college was started in 1947. Each year, the school enrolls more than 23,000 students. Also accredited by the AMVA, the veterinary technician program normally takes 15 months to complete. When students graduate, they receive an associate degree in sciences. Students spend time studying how to take care of small and large animals while also learning how to run administrative work at a veterinary office.

  • Foothill College

For students located in Silicon Valley or San Francisco, Foothill College is an affordable scholastic option. Foothill College receives a total of 17,000 students each school year. The vet tech program awards associate degrees in science and helps students with job placements. Classes at the school are planned so that students get hands-on chances to experience veterinary practices.

  • Mount San Antonio College

Over 45,000 students a year choose to attend Mount San Antonio College. Offering 200 different academic programs, the school also has an Associate of Science degree in veterinary technology. Founded in 1945, this college requires vet tech students to complete an externship so they can gain real world experience before they graduate. AMVA-approved, this college is located at 1100 North Grand Avenue in Walnut, California.

  • Hartnell College

Situated in Salinas Valley in Monterey County, Hartnell College has a veterinary technician program that trains students in every type of animal care. Students interested in livestock and equine species are provided with opportunities to experience animal care first hand. For students planning to deal with large animals, this college is exceptionally well-formatted to help them achieve these educational goals.

  • San Diego Mesa College

With over 22,000 students in the undergraduate programs, this is one of California’s larger community colleges. Unfortunately, the college is not approved by the AMVA. It is, however, accredited by the Veterinary Certification Board in California. Without the AMVA accreditation, students will have to obtain jobs only within California’s borders. For these students, licensures may not be able outside of the state unless the new state has a reciprocal agreement. The college is located at 7250 Mesa College Drive in San Diego. If students want to find out more information, they can either call (619)388-2600 or visit Once they graduate, students will receive an Associate of Science degree.

  • Western Career College

Western Career College is offers its students a number of exceptional opportunities. With six locations across the state, students who are constantly on the move can easily transfer schools to finish their degree programs. The administration at Western Career College has formatted the degree to focus on the study of anatomy, chemistry, physiology and biology. Once they have graduated, career centers at the college can help students with job placements.

  • Yuba College

Boasting of around 10,000 students, the program at Yuba College is accredited by the AVMA. After they graduate, students leave with an associate degree in animal science. To be completely certified, they must sit the California State Board Exam that has been created exclusively for Veterinary technicians. If graduates later choose to become full-fledged vets, they can transfer all of their course credits from Yuba College to a university program.

The most important thing to look for in a program is its accreditation. If it is not accredited by the AVMA, the college cannot give students a degree that is valid across the country.

If students just want to work in California, they do not have to worry about this requirement as much. Additionally, students should look into the different specialties offered. Some schools have programs exclusively tailored for large animals or equine studies. If students want to spend their career working with larger animals, they should make sure that they select a vet tech program that focuses on this. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, students who graduate with a degree in animal sciences can expect to make a median wage of $29,710 as a veterinary technician.

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